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Coquitlam Safety Equipment, First Aid Kits and Oxygen Tanks and Oxygen Services

Coquitlam is a busy community with a growing population. The Citywide Official Community Plan helps illustrate Coquitlam’s current state of progress:

“Coquitlam has undergone prolonged rapid growth within a region where future growth pressures will likely continue. The community has indicated its desire to balance sustainability, housing choice and quality of life. Future challenges will be managed in ways that preserve and enhance those assets that are valued most.”

Pickering Safety is proud to support both the local business sector and private sector with top of the line safety equipment. We offer an extensive selection of first-aid safety kits, first-aid supplies and safety equipment.

Safety is important to workers in all industries. Pickering Safety is proud to offer the highest-quality safety supplies from brands with a proven track record. Our industry specific safety pages help businesses identify the safety equipment they need to thrive. Additionally, our easy-to-use “WCB First Aid Kit Tool” makes meeting WCB requirements easy. We offer an extensive selection of first-aid safety kitsfirst-aid supplies and safety equipment. Our products serve residential and commercial purposes and our customer service is the best in the industry!

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