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It is our privilege to anticipate the health and safety needs of the midwifery industry. At Pickering Safety, we research the medical practices in your industry and tailor our first-aid kits accordingly. Our kits contain an array of common first-aid supplies packaged in a light-weight, portable kit so it’s easy to access when it counts. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.

Proper care and handling practices are critical to success in the midwifery industry. Healthy hand sanitation prior to handling new patients and or medical equipment such as forceps and needles will keep you a cut above the competition and will definitely be appreciated by your patients! That’s why Pickering Safety’s Midwifery First-Aid Kits feature the antiseptics, gloves, medical instruments and surface disinfectants that will keep your practice running smoothly and safely for you, your patients and their new babies.

WorkSafeBC Refill Tool

Refilling your WorkSafeBC first aid kit just got a whole lot easier. Use our new first aid kit refill tool to ensure your organization meets the recommended WCB minimum contents requirements.