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Axis® Gloves Have Both Puncture Resistance and Cut Protection.

Pickering Safety offers a selection of lightweight, durable and flexible puncture resistant gloves that are designed to be flexible enough for a variety of uses. Their thin design gives you the protection you need without being bulky and preventing your hands from utilizing their full range of motion. You can have comfort and protection from these gloves in virtually any work environment.

Protection comes in various levels ranging from one ply to three ply, as well as protection in selective areas such as your palm, fingers, or 100% coverage. We have customers in a wide variety of industries that find uses for these versatile gloves. There truly are innumerable instances when having fully shielded hands can work in your favor. Whether you need boxes of these for a large company of laborers or a few pairs to keep on-hand in the garage, warehouse or office, Pickering Safety can supply you with what you need.

A Full Range of Protection Designations

These gloves come in a range of protection designations which you can choose from to suit your needs. It is the 560 series that is most popular, as it offers three ply with 100% coverage all over the hand.

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