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The tattoo and piercing industry is rapidly growing in Canada, as are the health and safety requirements specified for the industry. At Pickering Safety, we understand that your business is responsible for meeting these requirements and we want to make that task easier for you to fulfill. We care about the safety of you and your patrons which is why we have extensively researched your industry and have put together a convenient, all-in-one, first-aid kit specifically designed to meet your needs. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.

Getting a tattoo or piercing is a serious decision and your customers will want to be reassured that you’re taking their safety seriously through every stage of their appointment. Sterilization and sanitation are extremely important in the industry which is why Pickering Safety’s Tattoo First-Aid Kits features products like multi-surface disinfectants, antiseptics, tattoo after-care products such as saline solutions, sterilization indicator tape and pain relief pharmaceuticals. If you’re starting out as a tattoo or piercing artist, Pickering Safety has something for you too, as we offer an array of basic safety tools and instruments that you’ll want to have close by while working in the industry.

WorkSafeBC Refill Tool

Refilling your WorkSafeBC first aid kit just got a whole lot easier. Use our new first aid kit refill tool to ensure your organization meets the recommended WCB minimum contents requirements.