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Fire Safety Products from Pickering Safety

We have always prioritized quality above everything else and that is never more crucial than in industries that work with fire regularly. Pickering Safety is proud to offer a small number of products that will help to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks and help heal burn injuries. Our fire safety products and first-aid products can be combined into a custom first-aid kit. If you’d like assistance creating your first-aid kits for business or personal use, please give us a call at 604-298-6465.

Prevent Fires and Heal Burns

Don’t forget to check out our first-aid kits and supplies for our burn management products. Our products are used by professional structural firefighters and forest firefighters.

If You Have Any Questions about Our Products Please Call 604-298-6465

WorkSafeBC Refill Tool

Refilling your WorkSafeBC first aid kit just got a whole lot easier. Use our new first aid kit refill tool to ensure your organization meets the recommended WCB minimum contents requirements.