A well-stocked and accessible restaurant first-aid kit is imperative for any food service business. We value the safety of you, your staff, and your customers. That’s why our restaurant first-aid kits are specifically designed to meet the safety standards necessary to your industry. Our lightweight kits are easy to store and transport and contain a selection of common first-aid supplies. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.
Some of the most common safety concerns in the restaurant industry include burn management, wound treatment and surface disinfecting. That’s why Pickering Safety’s Food and Restaurant Services First-Aid Kit features the materials you need to safely manage burns of any degree, treat and sterilize cuts on the job site and disinfect the job site to prevent contamination. Having the medical equipment you need close at hand will maximize your ability to handle accidents while satisfying the requirements laid out by the WCB, Workers Compensation Board.

WorkSafeBC Refill Tool

Refilling your WorkSafeBC first aid kit just got a whole lot easier. Use our new first aid kit refill tool to ensure your organization meets the recommended WCB minimum contents requirements.