What Are First-Aid Supplies?

First-Aid Supplies are pivotal to the success of your business and the safety of your employees. Your company is expected to have certain First-Aid Supplies on hand at all times. If your company is found lacking in this department you could face serious penalties and limitations. That’s why purchasing quality, long-lasting safety supplies from Pickering Safety is in the best interests of your business and your personnel.

Why Buy Your First-Aid Supplies from Pickering Safety?

Pickering Safety is Western Canada’s leading supplier of first-aid products for First-Aid and Emergency Care. We cater to both the personal and commercial industries.

If you need to replace items in your First-Aid Kit, we offer the most comprehensive selection of supplies that can be purchased individually or in bulk. Not sure what supplies you need to satisfy WCB requirements? No problem! We make supplying first-aid products to your business easy with our WCB industry audits. These audits itemize the supplies you’ll need specific to your industry as outlined by WCB.

Buy Your First-Aid Supplies Now!

If you have any questions about your supplies purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us. If not, placing a quote on our site is safe, secure and easy.