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Supreno EC Nitrile (powder free)

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486, 487, 488, 489

Product Description

Supreno EC nitrile exam gloves are renowned for the comfort and durability they provide.  Made of a sturdy nitrile material, these disposable gloves provide excellent chemical splash protection for demanding jobs. Featuring an extended cuff, these long nitrile gloves also provide extra protection over the wrist and forearm.

Supreno EC gloves have a low Acceptable Quality Limit of 0.65, which means less risk of pinhole defects and consistent barrier protection. Non-stick properties built into the material of these long nitrile gloves create a resistance to tape or adhesives and help improve efficiency and speed.

Supreno EC gloves have been proven to resist chemotherapy drugs, making them a perfect choice to protect the hands of laboratory workers or healthcare professionals handling cytotoxic drugs.  These durable nitrile gloves also meet the emergency medical glove requirements of NFPA 1999, making them a great choice to protect the hands of emergency medical services professionals and other first responders.

Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

  • Material: Nitrile
  • Not Made From Natural Rubber Latex:  Yes
  • Color: Violet, Blue
  • Cuff Length: Extended
  • Powder Content:  Powder-free
  • External Glove Surface: Textured Fingers
  • Freedom From Holes:  (Inspection Level I) 0.65 Aql
  • Palm Thickness (Mm/mil): 0.14 / 5.5
  • Finger Thickness (Mm/mil): 0.22 / 8.7
  • Allergy Prevention: Latex (Type I)
  • Silicone Free: No
  • Sterileno
  • Antistaticyes
  • Double Gloving Recommendation: No
  • Glove Length (Mm/inches): 295 / 11.6

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