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Sager Splint Super Form III (Ferno)

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S301, S304, S346 - S350

Product Description

The only traction splint in the industry that continuously shows the exact amount of traction being applied.

Bilateral Model fits within the adult body silhouette, has no overhang, and is ideal for air transport or any confined space. One splint provides traction splinting for single or bilateral fractures.

Infant Bilateral Model fits infants to children 6 years of age. All components are sized to be more comfortable and secure for an infant patient.

  • Cravat Kit 1: 2 Short, 1 Long, 1 Extra Long
  • Cravat Kit 2: 2 Short, 1 Long
  • Cravat Short (24″)
  • Cravat Long (32″)
  • Cravat Extra Long (53″)

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