Frac Splint (Ferno)

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  • Not recommended for femur fractures where traction is indicated
  • Kit includes: adult arm splint, adult leg splint, arm/ shoulder immobilizer, child arm splint, child leg splint, straps, and carrying case.
  • Universal and durable versatile limb splints can be used as lefts or rights
  • Simple application
  • X-ray translucent
  • MRI compatible
  • Ferno fracture immobiliser splints are available in three sizes which can accommodate a splint board to extend the length of the splint and provide padded comfort.
  • Ferno frac-straps are an effecient method of strapping damaged limbs and supporting fractures from collar bone to femur.
  • These emergency medical supplies are easy to clean, ensure a secure fit with velcro strapping and can remain in place during x-ray procedures.
  • Fracture immobilisers and frac-straps are a simple method of splinting, immobilising and supporting suspected arm/leg/shoulder/etc fractures, helping prevent further bone injury or damage to the surrounding nerves and tissue, prior to medical care or during patient transport.

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