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Basket Stretcher, Gazelle (Ferno)

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TRA11-0105, TRA11-0106

Product Description

The Gazelle Series Basket Stretchers include three distinct versions in an all-carbon-steel, MIG welded frame construction. All three rely on its frame geometry, construction methods and materials for its ultimate strength.

The Gazelle Series are made using a tubular, 19mm top frame as well as lower rails. This is in contrast to competing models, where the lower frames are made of flat steel. The tubular runners are far stronger, and give a much longer life to the basket stretchers. The Gazelle Series Stretchers are a basic rescue stretcher designed to be used in a raise/lower operation.

Unique features include flat carbon steel patient supports down the length of the stretcher. The Durathene netting allows water and air to easily pass through the patient compartment, yet the small holes keep debris from snagging in the netting. The Durathene material will not rust and potentially cause additional harm to your patient, and they are attached with shockcord so they will give -way when loads are improperly placed on it.

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