Movie Production

Movie Production On-Set First Aid Supplies

Hollywood North is booming and as a result, Pickering Safety has increased the volume of safety products we carry for the film and television industry. Safety on set is a huge concern for the production companies and Pickering aims to be a one-stop shop for WCB first aid kits and beyond. We often get inquiries from first aiders and set medics for bulk orders of safety and first aid products that will be used as props in set designs. We are happy to accommodate these orders as well. Please submit a quotation form and specify that your order is for props and we’ll get back to you directly.

Safety Products and Props for Film, Movie, and Television Productions and On-Set First Aid Supplies

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First Aid Supplies for Police

We provide first aid supplies and specialty safety equipment to police departments and government.  Our first-aid kits come with premium first aid equipment and can be purchased according to the WorkSafeBC standard levels (level 1, level 2, level 3).

Professional Safety Equipment

We stock professional safety equipment for fast delivery across British Columbia.  Some of the professional brands we represent include:

Fire Safety Products from Pickering Safety

We have always prioritized quality above everything else and that is never more crucial than in industries that work with fire regularly. Pickering Safety is proud to offer a small number of products that will help to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks and help heal burn injuries. Our fire safety products and first-aid products can be combined into a custom first-aid kit. If you’d like assistance creating your first-aid kits for business or personal use, please give us a call at 604-298-6465.

Prevent Fires and Heal Burns

Don’t forget to check out our first-aid kits and supplies for our burn management products. Our products are used by professional structural firefighters and forest firefighters.

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Medical Instruments for Delicate Situations

Medical instruments need to be some of the most exact tools in the safety industry. Precision and design are never more important than in the construction of medical safety equipment. Pickering Safety knows that our medical safety equipment will out-perform the competition when it matters most. We offer comprehensive tools and medical devices for use in hospitals and medical practices by licensed medical practitioners.

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Stay Safe in any Workplace

Take your bodily safety into your own hands by buying from Pickering Safety. We offer easy purchasing options to employers and employees alike who work hard in high-risk work environments. Workers need to be protected from the elements whether they’re working in mining, forestry or the oil industry. Neglecting to source quality safety equipment can cause serious bodily harm to workers, that’s why Pickering Safety promotes workplace awareness and safety equipment preparedness.

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Construction Safety Equipment & Safety Gear that Works for You.

Pickering Safety offers quality safety equipment to the construction industry. We believe safety on the construction site starts with the equipment you take to work, that’s why Pickering Safety will only ever offer top-of-the-line products to professionals who need them.

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A well-stocked and accessible restaurant first-aid kit is imperative for any food service business. We value the safety of you, your staff, and your customers. That’s why our restaurant first-aid kits are specifically designed to meet the safety standards necessary to your industry. Our lightweight kits are easy to store and transport and contain a selection of common first-aid supplies. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.
Some of the most common safety concerns in the restaurant industry include burn management, wound treatment and surface disinfecting. That’s why Pickering Safety’s Food and Restaurant Services First-Aid Kit features the materials you need to safely manage burns of any degree, treat and sterilize cuts on the job site and disinfect the job site to prevent contamination. Having the medical equipment you need close at hand will maximize your ability to handle accidents while satisfying the requirements laid out by the WCB, Workers Compensation Board.

It is our privilege to anticipate the health and safety needs of the midwifery industry. At Pickering Safety, we research the medical practices in your industry and tailor our first-aid kits accordingly. Our kits contain an array of common first-aid supplies packaged in a light-weight, portable kit so it’s easy to access when it counts. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.

Proper care and handling practices are critical to success in the midwifery industry. Healthy hand sanitation prior to handling new patients and or medical equipment such as forceps and needles will keep you a cut above the competition and will definitely be appreciated by your patients! That’s why Pickering Safety’s Midwifery First-Aid Kits feature the antiseptics, gloves, medical instruments and surface disinfectants that will keep your practice running smoothly and safely for you, your patients and their new babies.

The tattoo and piercing industry is rapidly growing in Canada, as are the health and safety requirements specified for the industry. At Pickering Safety, we understand that your business is responsible for meeting these requirements and we want to make that task easier for you to fulfill. We care about the safety of you and your patrons which is why we have extensively researched your industry and have put together a convenient, all-in-one, first-aid kit specifically designed to meet your needs. Our kits are easily customizable and cater to different levels of safety so you can meet the health and safety requirements of your industry by making one stop at Pickering Safety.

Getting a tattoo or piercing is a serious decision and your customers will want to be reassured that you’re taking their safety seriously through every stage of their appointment. Sterilization and sanitation are extremely important in the industry which is why Pickering Safety’s Tattoo First-Aid Kits features products like multi-surface disinfectants, antiseptics, tattoo after-care products such as saline solutions, sterilization indicator tape and pain relief pharmaceuticals. If you’re starting out as a tattoo or piercing artist, Pickering Safety has something for you too, as we offer an array of basic safety tools and instruments that you’ll want to have close by while working in the industry.