Wildfire Safety and Evacuation Preparedness

Wildfire and Evacuation Safety & First Aid

As the former residents of Lytton, BC found out in an alarming way, our region is getting hotter and more unpredictable every day. The wildfire that decimated the entirety of Lytton, a town that had about 250 residents and was about 260 kilometers northwest of Vancouver. Stranded former residents had little time to evacuate, and many of them were unprepared for life in the aftermath of the fire.

Coping with unpredictable weather is sadly becoming a more predictable aspect of life. Fortunately, with a bit of pre-planning, you can ensure that you and your family are prepared for voluntary or forced evacuations.

Preparing a ‘go-bag’ for Emergencies

If you live in a high-risk fire area, it is more important than ever to have an evacuation kit ready to go for each family member. Some larger general retailers have experienced shortages of critical emergency supplies. As a specialist supplier, Pickering Safety is focused on safety and security products for industry, education and home needs. We want the public to know that we maintain extensive inventories for some of the most essential first aid and fire safety products.

For many people learning about the Lytton tragedy, there is new urgency around building an evacuation go-bag. While there is some room for personalizing your kit, the following items constitute the basics:

  • Phone and phone chargers (ideally with a solar battery)
  • Medical and other ID cards
  • First aid kits
  • Water
  • Packable food items
  • Whistle and mirror
  • Hand-crank radio
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency contact numbers and plan for temporary housing
  • Clothing and dopp kit
  • Pen and paper
  • Utility knife

 As British Columbia’s premier first aid supplier for many decades, we feel a kinship with the victims of the Lytton fire. We are here to answer your questions about how to stay safe during fire season, and hope that you and your loved one stay safe.