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Safety Equipment

Why Pickering Safety Equipment?

Quite simply, Pickering Safety Equipment is a cut well above the competition. We believe that safety equipment should not be about meeting a minimum requirement. We believe safety equipment is about saving lives in high risk work environments and we take this belief seriously. It is our hope that you do too.

We refuse to compromise on the quality of our safety equipment. Competitors left, right and center are falling into the temptation of offering low-quality products to buyers who simply want to meet the minimum requirements for safety supplies in the work environment. But all safety equipment is not created equal and we want to encourage workers and industrial employers to prioritize safety. In industrial industries, safety equipment is mandatory, why not have equipment that could save lives and prevent costly injury and disability?

Industrial Safety Equipment

Pickering Safety wants to encourage businesses to consider proper safety equipment an investment that will help you and your employees avoid costly injuries, disabilities and legal disputes. At Pickering Safety we know that your time is valuable, that’s why we’ve made accessing quality safety equipment as easy as possible. You can rely on our knowledge and expertise to help you select what you need and no less.

Most industries have some variety of safety equipment requirements and all industries should take these requirements seriously. However, because of the nature of the work being done, industrial safety equipment should be taken even more seriously. In some industries a safety hazard may result in minor injuries, the high-risk nature of the work being done in most industrial settings increases the scope of the injuries that could occur. Limb loss, head-damage and further bodily harm can turn into life long impairments that, for the most part, could have been prevented with the proper quality safety equipment and following company safety protocol.