What You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine and Safety Products

The first ray of hope to return to normality has arrived and BC residents are beginning to get vaccinated. The first vaccines have been administered in the Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health Regions. But many people are confused about the ongoing safety protocols that are still essential to keep people safe.

The Vaccine does not Mean an End to Face Masks

Although the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and others being deployed in the market have shown highly positive results, provincial health officials continue to stress that wearing a mask and hand sanitizing are the most effective ways to ensure that the virus does not spread. They are also advising to continue to maintain physical distancing in public.

An even more compelling reason to continue to wear a mask is that even people who receive the vaccine may still be asymptomatic carriers of the virus. People who are carriers may still be able to transmit the disease through speaking or heavy breathing with particulates that are present in their nasal passages. This strongly suggests that all individuals should continue to wear masks, at least until there is widespread herd immunity.

For the moment, most of the recipients of the vaccine have been front lone health care workers who are working in clinics, nursing homes and other facilities with extensive patient interaction. Next in line are residents of long-term care facilities.

Pickering Hand sanitizers and Face Masks

Pickering provides an array of options for hand sanitizers and masks. Our 70-80% alcohol solution hand sanitizers also include smaller amounts of glycerin, hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, and are manufactured under strict quality standards.

We have an extensive supply of masks, including KN-95 masks that include carbon filters to facilitate breathing. These have an adjustable nose clip and provide 95% filtration efficiency. Kn-95 masks are great for travel and daily use. Other options include single use masks and mask that can be laundered for repetitive use.

Pickering Safety is your trusted source for safety equipment in good times and bad. Throughout the pandemic, we have assisted care providers, front line workers and ordinary citizens with outstanding products that continue to provide essential protection until a return to normal times.