The Three Surprising Covid Safety Products that First Responders Still Need Urgently

With a new wave of the Delta variant of Covid bringing a more restrictive mindset to schools, offices, and businesses, first responders still have their hands full.

Now that we are well into dealing with the pandemic, there is more clarity about what products to use in different situations. Some products like facemasks and shields are quite varied in terms of quality, price and safety standards. Other products, like gloves, PPE and disinfectants are determined by the type of job a person is doing and are provided by an employer to ensure safety standards are met.

Industries Requiring Covid Safety Products

Policing requires a variety of safety products, ranging from Gloves to first aid kits and specialty items like traffic equipment. Our kits include the full range of WorkSafeBC (WCB) level 1, 2 and 3 kits that adhere to provincial standards.

Fire Safety requires highly specialized products like burn treatment kits, high-performance masks and fire suppression equipment like fire extinguishers. Using our First Aid Kit Refill Tool is a simple way to stay compliant with WCB requirements.

In the Medical field, PPE encompasses critical personal items like masks, goggles, shields and anti-fog spray. Our array of products are suited for physicians, nurses and emergency responders and provide protection in virtually any clinical setting.

Construction workers perform their jobs in close quarters and most of them have worked through all stages of the pandemic. Whether it is Disinfectants for job sites, safety goggles, or ear plugs, we stock a full assortment of products to keep workers safe.

Delivering the finest Covid safety products throughout the pandemic, Pickering Safety has served the British Columbia market for nearly three decades. We look forward to helping you stay safe in your workplace and home.