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Spotlight on Philips HeartStart AED Units

Pickering Safety has set up multiple Philips AED programs for various clients. We offered delivery, installation and set up at various locations throughout the business. As well as follow up throughout the years to replace expired pads and batteries and ensure all units were up to date and in running order. Pickering Safety has also taken over multiple AED maintenance programs from various vendors whom failed to supply appropriate follow through.

HeartStart OnSite AED

The Philips Heart Start Onsite unit offers SMART analysis, automatically assessing the person’s heart rhythm and will only deliver a shock if needed. So there is no need to worry about shocking someone unnecessarily. OnSite offers Life guidance, this will lead you through all the steps and special sensors in the pads will provide feedback so the instructions are tailored to you. The OnSite unit offers SMART pads, the pads are “smart” because they sense when they have been removed from the cartridge, peeled from their liners and applied to the patient, causing the voice instruction to adjust to your actions. The OnSite unit is the only unit that offers multiple daily self-tests on the internal circuitry, waveform delivery system, pads cartridge, and battery capacity. The OnSite comes with an 8 year warranty. Philips are the worldwide leader in automated external defibrillators having shipped almost one and a half million AED’s.

Philips HeartStart FRx AED

The Philips FRX unit includes advanced Life Guidance features to help with the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. EMS hand off is fast and easy because the FRX pads are compatible with advanced defibrillators from Philips and other manufactures. Special adapters allow the FRX pads to be plugged into advanced care devices to provide continued care. Patented Quick Shock typically administers a shock just eight seconds after CPR, making the FRX among the fastest in its class at delivery shock treatment. SMART PADS II can be used for both adults and children, simply insert the infant/child key into the FRX to signal to device that your treating an infant/ Child. Because you don’t have to switch pads based on age you can deliver therapy quickly and you don’t have the extra expense of purchasing a second set of pads. FRX offers both SMART analysis and SMART Biphasic technologies.

FRX is waterjet proof and dust protected to allow it to withstand environments and conditions too demanding for other defibrillators. The FRX is lightweight, rugged and reliable, it can handle rough handling, extreme temperatures, or dusty or wet environments. The FRX also comes with an 8 year warranty.

Not sure which Philips AED is right for you? Ask us and we’ll provide a recommendation.