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Safety On-Set! Safety Products that are Helping Movie Production Companies in Vancouver Stay Safe

Movie Production Safety Products

Hollywood North is the third largest film production center in North America, with billions of dollars of motion pictures and television shows shot on location and produced in eight major studios located in British Columbia. The production of films and television programs has grown substantially over the past decade and is a major engine for job growth throughout the province.

Varied locations, from beautiful wilderness to urban locations, are used in these productions. With such a variation in locations, safety has become a very important issue for filmmakers and their crews. Recent data notes that over 25,000 people are employed in film and television production.

Pickering Safety provides an array of products for safety on set

As BC’s leader in safety products for many private and public sector industries, Pickering Safety has increased its product offerings to keep pace with the growth of the film and television industry here. In addition to obvious concerns to keep cast and crew safe, many productions need bulk orders of safety and medical supplies to use for props.

Our product assortment ranges from basic items such as medical safety gloves that protect against infection to harnesses that provide protection from falls. Of course, our complete line of WorksafeBC first aid kits can be adapted to your specific needs and number of personnel involved in a production.

For crowd control and use in demarcating sets, our traffic control equipment includes cones, paddle signs and traffic delineators that make your life on the set safe and easy.

For over a generation, Pickering Safety has provided leading edge supplies and equipment for doctors, nurses, first responders and workers in the public and private sectors. As the film industry grows in British Columbia, we are excited to help production companies maintain a safe and secure work environment for everyone involved in the process.