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Safety in Schools: How First-Aid Kits and Safety Supplies can Save Young Lives

Safety in Schools

Safety comes first in the Province of British Columbia. By law, schools and other businesses are required to maintain safety standards in accordance with the number of people and the nature of the business or use for a facility.

Sadly, the incidence of school shootings and potential pandemics such as the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) are on the rise. Having the proper safety equipment ready to deploy in emergency situations literally can save young lives. Pickering Safety provides leading first-aid solutions for schools and work places. Our product offerings cover a wide range of critical first-aid needs.

What products are required for potential emergency first-aid situations in schools?

Now more than ever, school officials must be prepared for challenging and crises-level situations. One very simple and essential way to prepare is to assess the inventory of emergency supplies on hand and to replenish stock as required.  If first-aid supplies are old and out of date, it may be time to completely refresh inventory to ensure that critical care is not compromised if required.

For low-risk first-aid kits, two classes are recommended: kits for institutions within 20 minutes from a hospital and those further away.  The product assortment varies somewhat, but the individual components for the kits consist of the following products:

With safety on everyone’s mind, keeping children safe at school requires sound preparation and the right supplies. As a family-run company and BC’s leading safety-supply company, we can assist you with all your school safety needs.

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