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Safety Behaviors that are Here to Stay in a Post-Pandemic World

Past the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, the public mood has shifted from despair to optimism. People are being vaccinated, restrictions are being gradually lifted, and there is a sense that we are all getting back to pre-pandemic life. Keeping safety supplies well-stocked and easily accessible for employees and guests has become the new normal in today’s world. The stigma of the “social bubble” has transformed into a general respect for distancing in public spaces.

Safety Planning Begins at Home

But our experience in the past year has created a long-term behavioral shift. Social distancing may not be possible for events, travel and public assembly, but products like hand sanitizer and face masks are common staple products for the home and in the workplace. The convention of wearing masks that has been prevalent in certain cultures will likely be extended to many western countries, particularly when people are sick.

During the pandemic, many people with underlying conditions became fearful about getting urgent treatment for their conditions. Being well equipped at home for emergencies has taken on new importance. Certain critical health problems, particularly SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) are life-threatening if they are not treated immediately with an automated external defibrillator device (AED). An AED device like the portable Philips HeartStart offered by Pickering can literally be a lifesaver in uncertain times.

Workspace Protection is Here to Stay

For workplace conditions that demand high levels of protection, Pickering offers an extensive range of protective work clothing. Even in more conventional office environments, managers and employees are more cognizant of providing essential protective supplies like hand sanitizer and disposable masks.

For retail locations and situations where people are congregating in high-density locations, signage that underscores the need for social distancing helps maintain safety and allays anxiety.

Since 1992, Pickering Safety has served businesses, schools, public safety departments and the public with top quality supplies for protection against a wide variety of hazards and public health threats. We are there for you as always as the pandemic heads into its next phase.

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