Navigate your Social Circle with the Right Personal Safety Equipment

Covid-19 Safety Products

As a leader in personal safety supplies and equipment for nearly three decades, Pickering Safety is privileged to be a leader in combating the spread of the COVID virus.

While our first priority is to ensure that health care workers, first responders and other essential personnel are protected, we are also here to help the general public stay safe in their everyday life.

From vinyl, powder-free gloves to our reusable 3-Ply fabric face masks, we stock an array of products that are required by WBC (WorkSafeBC) but are also excellent for protection when shopping or socializing outside of your home.

Managing COVID Requires the Right Safety Supplies Like Gloves and Sanitizer

After an encouraging period in May and June of 2020 during which COVID cases drastically declined in British Columbia, cases started to rapidly increase well into September and October. It is clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of getting the pandemic under control.

Two things that are consistently mentioned by public health officials as being effective are wearing masks and using hand sanitizer shortly after outings like going to the grocery store. 

Once thought to only protect the people around you, research is now finding that masks provide significant protection for the wearer, with some studies noting a reduction in the risk of contracting COVID as much as 65%.

Hand Sanitization Stations and Bulk Hand Sanitizer

For a locally made, virus-killing hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs it contacts, Pickering’s 80% Canada ethanol product is something you should consider stocking throughout your workplace, home and in your cars. Our Health Canada authorized for sale product is conveniently available in 120, 500 and 1000ml sizes.  We also offer bulk hand sanitizer in 4L jugs, as well as dispensing equipment, such as free standing hand sanitizing stations and wall mounted dispensers.

Physical Distancing Floor Stickers & Decals

When solid evidence emerged to support the 2 metre social distancing rule to reduce COVID-19 transmissions, Pickering Safety came out with a line of products to help encourage this behavior in businesses. Signage and Floor Decals appear to be the most effective products for helping customers remember to space themselves out by 2 meters. Pickering carries three different sizes of floor decals: a circular 12”, a circular 17” and a rectangular 18”. Pickering also recommends the purchasing of multiple hand sanitizing stations positioned throughout the business to avoid overcrowding. 

In addition to wearing masks, maintaining proper hygiene with frequent washing and application of hand sanitizer is essential for getting Vancouver and BC back on track for a return to normal operations.

Bulk & Wholesale Safety Equipment Supplier in BC

As a leading supplier of personal safety equipment, Pickering Safety is committed to your health and helping you adhere to government advisories with regards to hygiene. Our extensive range of Covid-19 safety products should be your first line of defense.