Keep These Safety Products On-Hand During a Heatwave in BC

Avoid Heat Exhaustion with Heat Safety Products

Heatwaves have become the rule rather than the exception in the Pacific Northwest. Unrelenting heat can crush productivity. In industries like construction and film that exist primarily outdoors, workers are always vulnerable to the heat and elements. Fortunately, keeping a wide range of safety products on hand is simple, thanks to Pickering Safety’s catalogue.
As BC’s leading supplier to industry and government for decades, we ensure that we have deep stock and comprehensive product selection to keep your staff safe and productivity humming along.

Essential Products for Safety in the Heat

From simple hydration drink packets to advanced cooling vests, we offer the opportunity to customize your safety product assortment to suit the specific needs of your staff. In extreme heat, products like our cooling vests and cooling hardhat pad and neck shade offer exceptional protection to construction workers battling the blazing sun. The pad ingeniously slides into any hardhat. While these products are designed with a lot of embedded technology, all you have to do to activate their cooling properties is to wet them down.

One simple product that people are inclined to forget if they are rushing to their job at the port or the movie set is sunscreen. Keeping packets of our Croc Bloc sunscreen on hand is a great way to protect everyone from the ravages of the sun. Pickering prides itself on maintaining inventory in simple but essential products like hydration beverages, sunscreen and our multitasking Chill Its Cooling Band that can convert from a mask to head protection to cooling bandana in seconds.

Every Type of Worker is Protected with Pickering Products

In our region, first responders are well aware of the importance of being protected on every level. But in other industries like television and film production, workers may not focus on safety products as much. With decades of service in safety products, we can advise you about the best products to keep on hand for extreme heat that has plagued our region in recent years.