I’m an Independent Contractor. Do I Need to Meet WorkSafeBC Safety Requirements?

Pickering Safety Can Help Independent Contractors Meet WCB Requirements

Pickering Safety helps businesses across British Columbia and Canada meet the first aid and safety supplies requirements outlined by WorkSafeBC. If your business hires contractors or if you are a prime contractor who hires subcontractors, it is important to ensure that all parties are covered to conform with WorkSafeBC workplace safety requirements. WorkSafeBC provides no fault insurance that protects employers from claims arising from accidents in the workplace.

How to Determine Which WCB Requirements You Need to Meet

As a business owner or prime contractor, it is crucial to determine whether your contractors/subcontractors are considered as employees or whether the contractors/subcontractors and their own workers are considered as independent businesses. This distinction determines whether you are an employer responsible for paying their WorkSafeBC premiums or whether the entity is an independent business responsible for its own coverage.

A prime contractor may still need to provide coverage even if it subcontracts all the work to independent firms. In order to confirm whether a business, contractor, or subcontractor is registered with WorkSafeBC, it is necessary to obtain a clearance letter prior to and after receiving services. The WorkSafeBC website is a fantastic resource for determining which WCB requirements you need to meet.

Pickering Safety Can Help You Meet WCB Requirements Easily

Pickering Safety has been serving training schools, businesses, public safety departments and the general public since 1992. Our long term customers can attest to the care we put behind all of our first-aid and safety equipment.

Use Pickering Safety’s WCB Kit Finder Tool to Meet WCB Requirements

Pickering Safety wants to make meeting WCB Requirements as easy as possible. If you do need to meet WCB Requirements, use our easy-to-use WCB Kit Finder Tool to search for the kit that will meet you needs! We’ve also recently developed a WCB First Aid Kit Refill Tool which makes keeping your WCB first aid kit stocked up quick and easy.