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Explore the Heat Safety Products that Keep British Columbians Safe During Summer Heatwaves

Beat the Heat: Heat Safety Products

Whether it’s PPE or heat safety products or both, Pickering Safety has you covered in British Columbia this summer. Unpredictable and shifting weather patterns in the Pacific Northwest can bring unbearable heat conditions with more regularity than in previous decades. For older people and folks with compromised immune systems, keeping the right products in stock can literally be a life saver.

Products for Home and Work to Beat the Heat

Chill-ITS 6489 2-Layer Cooling Multi-Band is a multi-tasking dynamo of a facemask that protects against sun and debris while providing cooling when water is applied. With an SPF of 50 and a nose clip to prevent glasses from fogging, this is an inexpensive and highly useful accessory to keep on hand for the summer.

Our cooling bandana takes a summer staple to the next level with the introduction of embedded cooling beads. After submerging the bandana in water for several minutes, this bandana will retain cooling properties for four hours. Simply re-wet it to repeat the cycle.

In the workplace when it’s hot, there is no better friend than the Chill-ITS 6665 Wet Evaporative Cooling Vest. Most effective when worn over a t-shirt, its advanced polymers provide immediate cooling relief.

For on-the-go sunscreen, Croc Bloc 10ml packets are perfect for summer trips, school and the workplace. Offering SPF broad spectrum protection and waterproof coverage, these are very convenient packages for the car or boat.

One of the more ingenious beverages out there is the Sqwincher packet, which unfolds into its own cup ready to be filled with water. With no caffeine and a no-stir formula, there simply could not be a better and more convenient option for being out in nature, the water park or any summer adventure.

With several generations of service to the Vancouver metropolitan area and all of BC, Pickering Safety is proud of its wide assortment of heat safety products. Please visit our site to see the complete line of products to help you and your family stay safe this summer.